The Return to Woodbury Halloween Party


The outbreak is real and nowhere is safe. We’ve wandered from camps to towns to prisons in search of sanctuary, but all we found was death followed by the undead. We heard stories that Woodbury had burned and there was nothing left, but little did we know that there was hope after all. Rumor has it that Woodbury stands, and they have found the cure. They say an old Alchemist has made an elixir that will cure us from this demonic plague. Our journey begins as we make the Return to Woodbury in search of Sanctuary, and we hope that in finding the Alchemist, we find our Cure.


Friday, October 31st. 2014

7pm – 2am

Woodbury + Alchemist Bar & Lounge (Both Venues Open and Connected)
679 – 685 Third Street. San Francisco, CA 94107

Cost for the Cure:
$5 – All guests will receive one shot of the CURE for free upon arrival
(Jello Shot Syringe)

Lounge Reservations @ Alchemist Bar & Lounge

Main Floor Lounges (Seats 6-8)
$500* – includes 2 Bottled Cocktails + 1 Bottle Of Champagne

Private Elevated Lounge (seats 12-15)
$800* – includes 3 Bottled Cocktails + 2 Bottles of Champagne

Availability is Limited

To Make A Reservation, please email:

*gratuity not included